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Final report

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Food innovation – fruits patties

Praise to god that we have finally succeeded in completing our Food Innovation and Design product.

We have undergone numerous circumstances towards the completion of the product. However, due to the great support from our Food Innovation and Design lecturer, Chef Zaid Razak who never gave up and had a lot of faith in us, our family, our friends, and last but not least our group members, Ahmad Azri bin Zainal, Muhammad Fahimi bin Abdul Latiff, and Muhamad Ammar bin Baharon. We would like to relay our highest appreciation and deepest gratitude to everyone that we have or haven’t mentioned whether they have involved directly or indirectly in the making of this product.

We hope you would be satisfied with what is being presented. Your kindly attention and acceptance is highly appreciated

• Introduction
The fruits patties is a patties that make from full fruits for the people who vegetarian who not eat meat. It can eat a fruits and taste like a chicken but it fruits. These patties eat with a burger bun, salad, mayonnaise and chilies source.
• Objective
 To make a student to be a business man.
 To manage the student to become a innovated people.
• Activity
o Grill the patties and burger bun
o The deco the place
o Clean the kitchen

Organization chart

the organization
Task implementation

Before The event

On the 13th April 2010, Tuesday, the day that we are supposed to prepare the Fruit Patties for the I-Food Exhibition and because of the exhibition is in the morning and we do not have time, so we have to cook the Fruits Patties it early in the morning before the event start.

During the event
burger fruits

On the 14th April 2010, Wednesday, the big day has finally arrive the day that all of us are looking forward. I-Food Exhibition, is not just a normal event but it also a competition between Food Innovation and Design student.
Ama and Bobby

First of all, all students have to be in the kitchen at 7.30am and starts do their preparation for their product and as well as decorate their booth. As we planned before, there are 3 of us, 1 of us will be at the student lounge, to be representative of our group and 2 of us have to be in the kitchen. That morning we are busy preparing our product for the judges and other people.
burger fruits

Then, Muhamad Ammar who responsible in presenting our product, did their very best in presenting the product, Fruit Patties. Everybody who involve in this competition did their best to win this competition with their unique and tasty food.
However, we are very grateful to our lecturer Chef Zaid who always encourage us and to the judges Maria Tunku Sabri, Chef Adzhar Md. Zin and Mr. William Quah.

After The Event

After the event, all of us go straight to the kitchen and clean up our station. At the end of the event, all of the student are very nervous waiting for the announcement of the placing in this competition. Among the placing that been announce, sadly our group are not lucky enough to win this competition. Although we did not manage to get placing in this event but there a lot of fantastic experience we get from the this I-Food event. We feel very happy and a little bit tired from this event.
BOBBY and Puan Maria Tunku Sabri
Problem faced
Before the event started we had face lots of problem this making our product .firstly materials fruit patties not enough and we have problem to solve it. And then from their taste and texture patties fruit is very sweet and the texture become more unsatisfactory taste. Then next problem we group had problem with crew organization this event because we had problem and less lot communication about event . Next the time allocated for this event is not enough and early . We had to do lots experiment to handler.
Fruit Patties cake is very easy to make, we decided to use the ingredients that easy to find. Then the this product is in accordance with all levels of society, especially children like the candy. Patties fruit is make simple ,easy to do that.
From our observation on this product, we can see that, fruits patties has taken people attention and trust on being the best and tastier food to eat. Then people thinking about fruit patties the simple product and can make new concept at the market one day. Other than that from observation our product maybe can be classification healthy or vegetarian product.

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Bobby take a certificate
our booth

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